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10th Edition 40k Battle-Shock Rules Leaked

Some photos of pages, allegedly from the Warhammer 40,000 Tenth Edition rulebook, were leaked to the Internet from an unknown source. We can’t be sure if this is a genuine source or even a final version of the rules as they will go to print, but it does appear to come from some kind of bound, professionally printed volume!

Desperate Escape

A noteworthy thing here is the reveal of what a Desperate Escape test actually is. I have already reported on the new Battle-Shock test, which replaces morale tests. The gist of this is, when a unit is below half its original strength (number of models), it will have to take this test during the Command phase (tenth edition no longer has a distinct morale phase). The player rolls 2d6 to see if they can meet or exceed the highest Leadership score in the unit. If not, the unit is considered Battle-Shocked.

If a Battle-Shocked unit attempts to Fall Back it must make a Desperate Escape test, and thanks to this leak we (may) now know how those work. According to the leaked photo, this test is made by rolling one D6 per surviving model in the unit. On a roll of 1-2, that model is destroyed. So it is indeed possible to lose models due to morale-like effects, but only if that unit tries to Fall Back.

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