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1983 D&D Action Figures

Hasbro seems to really be digging into the past of Dungeons & Dragons to try and profit off of nostalgia before marching onward with new ideas like the still hotly debated, One D&D. Since the company has always placed priority on their action figure brands, is it any wonder that they are producing a 1983 D&D cartoon line of figurines? You might have read my previous article regarding the comic that will be coming out to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1983 D&D cartoon, Dungeons & Dragons: Saturday Morning Adventures. Hasbro is seeking to profit off the nostalgia of the show and comic by producing action figures based on the characters of the same. Pre-orders are under way for the January 2023 shipping timeline through the Hasbro Pulse site.

Cartoon Character Catalog

Let’s go ahead and go over each of the sets that are currently available for order. You have to start with the daring leader of the party, Hank with his magical bow. His set includes the poseable 6 inch figure of Hank, his bow with and without an energy arrow readied, and an exclusive D8. Diana, the skillful acrobat, is in a set wielding her magical bo staff. The set includes Diana’s 6 inch figure, her magical staff and an alternate version of the staff that indicates “swinging” action, and a D20 to join the 1983 dice set. 

The last two sets are “two-fers” as they include two characters in each set. Bobby the barbarian, including his magic club accessory, is paired with Uni, the unicorn. Their pack will also include a D12 for the 1983 dice set. Finally, the party’s guide, Dungeon Master, and their nemesis, Venger, will arrive in a pack together. You can replace Venger’s hands with an alternate set that utilizes his magic casting. The last 1983 dice set rounds off with a percent die (D10) and an oversized D20.

Neo-Nostalgia Nitty-Gritty

Lastly, for anyone wondering, the Hank, Diana, and Bobby/Uni sets are each $24.99 and available for pre-order directly through Hasbro Pulse. The Venger/Dungeon Master set, however, is now only available for order through Target for $49.99. The estimated shipping dates are for early January 2023, though as always Hasbro does give the disclaimer that the ship date could change. If you’re a fan of D&D action figures or want a memento of your favorite childhood show, head over to Pulse or Target and grab your pre-order.

Which characters are you ordering and do you think they’ll bring the other characters into production too? Let us know your thoughts below and go check out D&D: Cartoon Comic if you’re interested in the new D&D miniseries coming next year!

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