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Warhammer Fest Reveal: 40k Tenth Edition Box, “Leviathan”

This morning at Warhammer Fest in Manchester, GW revealed everything about the tenth edition box, including the new models, the new core book, and more. The set is called Leviathan, and its story is set in the new, Fourth Tyrannic War. And Game Talk Network was there (or at least, I was)!

Set Contents

The box will include:

  • 392 page core book
  • 66 cards: unit index and missions
  • 25 space marine models
  • 47 tyranid models
  • Transfer sheet with 849 separate decals

The Models

All models in the Leviathan box will be push-fit. As you probably already know, the two factions in the box will be Space Marines and Tyranids. The Leviathan storyline features Ultramarines, but you can paint and decal them as any faction and the transfer sheet includes sigils and markings for every major faction in the game.


Winged Tyranid Prime

Yes, it’s a huge, flying Tyranid! The presenters described it as a “winged enforcer.”

Von Ryan’s Leapers

These are pack hunters who can deep strike and hold objectives.


Described as a “witch eater,” this creature revels in consuming creatures with a strong psychic presence, specifically psyker models.


These are new artillery beasts that fire suppressing rounds at short range, using biological abilities, and effective at slowing infantry. The barbgaunt is actually a symbiotic joining of two creature forms.


The Neurogaunt’s purpose is to defend synapse creatures as cannon fodder, leaping to take bullets themselves.


An alternate army leader, the Neurotyrant is a psyker who can bolster the entire board with its abilities.


This creature is essentially a bigger carnifex, which one of the presenters called a “bruiser.” It does not, however, replace the carnifex model, which is still playable in tenth edition on its own.

Ripper Swarms

These are updated models which otherwise play just like the existing ripper swarms. The original models will still be playable in tenth edition, too.

Space Marines

Captain In Terminator Armor

It’s a captain. In Terminator Armor!

Infernus Squad

This Primaris squad wears tactical armor. They’re equipped with flamers and effective against hordes.

Sternguard Veterans

These models are also Primaris scale, and represent the Primaris marines become more acclimated to being in Marine companies, as they’ve taken on some of their garb and insignia.

Apothecary Biologis

This apothecary wears gravis armor and carries a bolt pistol mostly “for the Emperor’s mercy, shout it be required.” The biologis apothecary isn’t a healer, but rather buffs units through its analysis and collection of biological data.

Ballistus Dreadnought

A larger re-invention of the class dreadnought, this model excels at long-range shooting.

New Core Book

The included Leviathan book will contain all the tenth edition rules plus a full narrative crusade campaign for the Leviathan storyline, covering the Fourth Tyrannic War. At 392 pages, GW promises us that page numbers will stay consistent across all future editions and all references on index cards, etc.


Index Cards

Index cards for all models in the starter box will be included.

Mission Cards

The Leviathan box includes new mission cards, which can be combined to generate game scenarios for matched play.

Other Products And Media

The plan for tenth edition is to release specific campaign books frequently, rather than scattering story and narrative play elements through codices and other books.

Index cards for all armies will be released at the time that tenth edition itself comes out, but you’ll also be able to download all the same information for free if you don’t want to buy the cards.

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