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40k Tenth Edition Transports

Troop transport models will become a little more flexible and more immediately effective in Warhammer 40,000’s upcoming tenth edition. A noteworthy change is that Primaris units can now ride freely along with Firstborn space marines in the same vehicle.

More detail on the new rules follows below.

Entering And Leaving A Transport

Under the current rules, only some kinds of units can exit a transport on the same turn the vehicle moves. But in tenth edition, any embarked unit can leave the transport (as long as the transport did not Advance or Fall Back). Disembarking models will also shoot on the same turn, but won’t be able to charge, unless they leave the vehicle before it moves.

Models still won’t be able to enter and then leave a transport on the same turn, however.

The Firing Deck

In the current rules, some vehicles are considered open-topped, and have individual special rules allowing troops they carry to fire their own weapons from the transport. But now, in tenth edition, this is consolidated into a universal Firing Deck feature, which is simplified.

Other Vehicle Changes

Troops embarked in a vehicle can now benefit from any buffs the vehicle has, which can result in some interest combinations of model and vehicle abilities. For example, an ork Mekaniak can add 1 to a vehicle’s to hit roll, which would apply to any models in it using a Firing Deck feature.

There are still unique vehicle abilities, but these seem to contribute to the more fast-paced and head-on approach for tenth edition transports. For example, the Taurox allows troops to disembark even when the vehicle has Advanced.

The new Land Raider, in another example of special rules, will bring back the Assault Ramp feature. This means passenger models can declare a change in the same turn they disembark.

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