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A Look At Legiones Astartes Stats From Legions Imperialis

The Legions Astartes faction for the upcoming, epic scale Legions Imperialis game focus on heavy infantry and tanks. These will be made up of Detachments (similar to units in Warhammer 40,000) for which there will be datasheets.

Detachment Cards

There will be Detachment Cards with one side used for building the army and the other for playing. The building side will show point costs, standard size, and upgrades. The playing side will show stats, weapon proviles, and rules.

Legion Terminator Detachment card
Legion Kratos Squadron card
Legion Thunderhawk Gunship

Special Rules

You can combine Formations (groups of Detachments) from different Legions to combine tactics and special rules.

White Scars: Born In The Saddle
World Eaters: Incarnate Violence
Salamanders: Strength Of Will
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