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A “Secret” Secret Lair!

Secret Lair keeps the fun coming all year round, but this time they are not the ones dropping those precious “gotta have ‘ems.” You’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse if you want to grab yourself a set of these limited time cuties! That is the Hasbro Pulse, of course!

Li’l Sneaky Secrets

Ok, so maybe it’s not a giant secret, but it is a new Secret Lair drop that isn’t being pre-ordered directly through their webshop. Wizards’ Secret Lair site was updated with a banner for a new drop, but it directs you to go offsite for the exclusive pre-order. For the new “Li’l’er Walkers” set you’ll need to swing by the Hasbro Pulse shop instead.

Can They Get Any Li’l’er!?

Apparently they can! For those that are not aware, back in February of 2019, a set called “Li’l Walkers” was dropped showcasing five Legendary Planeswalkers in an adorable chibi style. Chibi is the Japanese style of drawing “short” characters, they tend to have large heads with big watery eyes and a disproportionately small body. It’s intended to be endearing and cutesy. The original “Li’l Walkers” set was thanks to the artistic talents of Uta Natsume from Japan, who excels at this particular loveable style. Wizards has once again had Natsume apply an especially cute touch to five more Legendary Planeswalkers.

A Lesson In Being Cute & Cool!

The five Planeswalkers making their chibi debut are, in no particular order, as follows: “Saheeli, Sublime Artificer”, “Sarkhan Vol”, “Narset, Parter of Veils”, “Garruk Wildspeaker”, and “Elspeth, Sun’s Champion.” I double checked to make sure that there aren’t any changes to the cards other than the art. They all have the same mechanics their previous iterations did, this set just happens to have borderless chibi art of the Legendary Planeswalkers. If you’re in the market for a fresh new artistic take on your ‘Walker comrades you can pre-order them today.

The Long And Chibi Of It…

Both a non-foil edition and foil edition are available through Hasbro Pulse. The non-foil is $29.99 and foil is $39.99 (before shipping), however according to the site payment won’t be taken until the sets are ready to ship. They’re currently projected to be shipping out January 9th, 2023, but they do of course give the disclaimer that they could ship “earlier or later than anticipated without notice.” 

You have until November 14, 2022 to place your order for the “Li’l’er Walkers” sets. As Pulse puts it on the order page, “grab these petite powerhouses before they leave forever!” If you’re interested in Uta Natsume’s chibi style, you can check out “Candy Pot: Uta Natsume Art Book.” 

Til next time! 

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Living in a small town in Arkansas most of his life, he has only had access to TTRPGs, Magic, and the wider “nerdier” world since 2017. He’s run and played D&D, built commander decks, and is always looking for as many fun things his socially awkward heart can handle.

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