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A TTRPG About/For Frankenstein Freaks

“Victorian horror” is one of those phrases that immediately conjures up a plethora imagery. Snaggletoothed vagrants shuffling along grungy alleys. Gas lamps only just barely holding their own against oppressive fog. And, if you come across this TTRPG, a cabal of inquistioners fighting against the abominations created by forbidden science.

Strait on the heels of properly scary mermaids and cursed Japanese Villages, Daughter of Frankenstein is a 5e-compatible affair that sends your players to the grim land of Promethea. The country previously rocked by the mechanizations of a mad doctor, his work proves as undead as his creations. And while most people stick within the city of Burkeland, your players venture out to solve whatever mystery you’ve stitched up for them.

Wow, this TTRPG looks electrifying! And no, the dad jokes won't stop.
That moment when you realize that I made a dad joke in that last sentence.

The city itself is a level in itself, its obligatory steampunk influence (refreshingly) light and cobblestone horror clear. This TTRPG obviously takes hints from Frankenstein, but other influences also include Pinocchio, Resident Evil, and Midsommar. (Ravenloft is also listed. Hardly a surprise, given that one of the writers penned a genderbent Curse of Strand.) You also have 300 pages worth of new content at your disposal.

And the campaign is billed as being “ADHD friendly,” which is definitely welcome in my bookshelf any day.

Well, not my idea of working with brain chemistry, but….

The campaign rewards are pretty pricy compared to previous ones I’ve come across. ($30 for the digital tier. Woof.) But the rewards are pretty unique, one including a Roll20 module.

Surprisingly, this monster hasn’t reached the goal yet, but it’s open until March 23.

About the Author
Went to film school instead of real college. Writes stuff, animates things, and programs whatchacallits. Currently playing a rogue/cleric (trickery) warforged that's basically a life-sized Victorian porcelain horror doll. You can find more of her stuff at kerahildebrandt.com, including D&D modules/such!

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