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Adeptus Mechanicus Weapons Previewed for 9th

Warhammer Community released a new set of Codex previews today. This time we’re looking at the weapons of the 9th edition Adeptus Mechanicus. GW continues to play release dates close to their chest, but I hope to see a release before the next Warzone book drops. Failing that, right after if the Omnissiah permits!

Adeptus Mechanicus Weapons, Cognis

Let’s begin with weapons common to Imperial forces; flamers, heavy stubbers, autocannons, and lascannons. The Mechanicus versions are known as cognis weapons. Possessed of advanced , awakened machine spirits, cognis weapons are eager for and responsive to war. You can see this with the improved rate of fire and switch from heavy to assault fire. This clears out a great deal of unwieldly rules text and still gives them better effectiveness when advancing.

Twin cognis lascannons don’t receive an improved rate of fire. Weapons in this class would rapidly unbalance or become over costed with high rates of fire. However, they’re much more flexible and destructive. Becoming assault let’s Mechanicus vehicles scoot and shoot more easily. The more powerful change though is to damage. Going from D6 to D3+3 ensures you’re hurting whatever you’re hitting. No more pew-pew jokes with 4 to 6 damage.

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii

The rest of the Mechanicus weapon changes are focused on infantry. The Skitarii and Serberys Raiders receive upgraded galvanic weaponry. As shown below with the Ranger’s galvanic rifle you’ll lose some accuracy on the move. However, they gain 2 shots out to full range and a permanent AP boost. Those are solid improvements on the core Mechanicus infantry. I expect Raiders to gain improved weight of fire and AP, but not switch to Heavy as befits their combat role.

Plasma has been a popular choice for Skitarii since the Mechanicus released. The changes to arc weapons bring them to a more competative footing. In their standard role, the arc rifle gains range, AP aqnd a D3 damage. That’s good against heavy infantry and critters, but against vehicles they begin to really shine. Damage increases to a flat 3 points and they wound on an unmodified 4+. Since you can pack multiples into a squad Skitarii have the possibility to slow or stop vehicles outright.

Melee and pistol arc versions also receive improved performance. The Skitarii Alpha with arc maul and arc pistol adds greatly to your close range killing power. Kataphron Breacher arc claws also receive this benefit, but exact details are left out. Just expect more!

Adeptus Mechanicus Weapons, Kataphron

Which brings us to both Kataphron units. Desstroyers armed with plasma culverins are no longer destroyed on a roll of “1”. Instead they take a single mortal wound. Given the high wound count of Kataphrons, our tech priest calls that ‘acceptable degradation’.

Breachers already are confirmed to share in the improved arc weapons with both their heavy arc rifles and arc claws. The Mechanicus has seen fit to improve on their torsion cannons as well. Damage improved to a D3+3 and range doubled out to 48″. I always approve of longer ranges and shifting the average damage higher looks great. No one likes rolling a ‘1’ on a bare D3 or D6. Now, who gets credit for the new STC design?

Adeptus Mechanicus Weapons, Sicarian

Even Sicarian Ruststalkers are getting in on the improved loadout. Transonic blades and razors gain improved AP with a -3 on the blades and -2 on the razors. Heavy infantry or monster, if they can wound it, then damage goes through.

As always, the peeks show exciting changes and improvements to the shown faction. Hopefully we’ll be given some stat-line changes as we get closer to a release for the new codex. Plus, it’ll be nice to have all the Engine War units under a shared cover.

Looking at the changes, I think the Kataphrons, despite smaller word count, are getting the biggest boost. Older players are going to love bringing their plasma armed Destroyers out of storage. Players expanding their force are going to see more use out of Breachers. The improvements to arc weapons help them both at range and when they’re stuck in. The torsion cannon gets a solid second look as well with the longer reach and skewed high damage roll. Expect to see a run on Kataphron kits in your local stores and online very soon.

I also look forward to the improved ranged fire from my Skitarii Rangers. Yes, I’ve lost some accuracy on the move, but I’m hitting at range like a bolt rifle! Expect to see some aura abilities in the new Codex to reduce that effect, just like other factions have gained in their releases.

That’s it for today’s previews from the forge worlds! I expect we’ll see a few more as we get closer to a release date.

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