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Aethon Sentinel Revealed As Part Of Legions Imperialis Starter Box

Games Workshop (GW) has announced one of the new models that will be in the starter box for the upcoming new epic-scale game, Legions Imperialis.

The unit is called the Aethon Heavy Sentinel, and it’s the big cousin to the Astra Militarum stalwart light walker, the Armoured Sentinel.

The 40k model, Armoured Sentinel

The Aethon Heavy Sentinel is fast, mobile, and packs heavy firepower. It’s good for recon and flanking against slower-moving tanks.

The new, epic-scale Aethon Heavy Sentinel

The unit is armed with a heavy laser and several missiles, making it great against infantry and light armor.

GW tells us that its power and speed come at a cost of “a powerful thirst for fuel and ammunition.” We’ll see what this means in game terms when we know more about its rules!

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