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All new blitz decks come to Flesh and Blood

Now is a great time to get into the Flesh and Blood trading card game from Legend Story Studios.  The next booster set, Outsiders, is right around the corner, and with it new heroes, equipment and mechanics. (You can check out my previous article about Outsiders here.)  Even better, LSS has put out a fresh round of blitz decks featuring classic FaB heroes that haven’t had preconstructed decks before.  European players got their hands on these on February 24.  For the rest of the world, these new blitz decks release on April 17.  While these decks won’t take you all the way to the finals of a major tournament, they are a perfect, inexpensive gateway product.  History Pack 1 blitz decks carry an MSRP of $11.99 in the US, which makes them ultra-affordable.

Other TCG makers (WotC, I’m looking at you) could stand to learn a thing or two from LSS when it comes to new player support.

What is a blitz deck?

Blitz is a quick-play format in Flesh and Blood, designed with social play in mind.  It utilizes 40 card decks.  Rounds are best of 1, and while tournament rules allow for 30 minutes per round the format’s designed to run 10-15 minutes per game.  Blitz decks are limited to two copies of a unique card and 11 inventory slots.  (That’s your equipment and items.)  And no, the inventory cards and your hero don’t count towards your deck count.  Only young heroes are used to build blitz decks – you can tell if a hero is young or adult by looking at the text box at the bottom of the card.  Typically, young heroes have 15-20 health and an intellect (hand size) of 4, which really keeps the format fast.

Who’s in HP1 blitz decks?

History Pack 1 brings preconstructed blitz decks featuring some of the most powerful young heroes in Flesh and Blood.  Kano is currently ranked 4th on the living legend board with 287 points.  Coming up right behind is Dorinthea, in 5th place with 249.  Rankings are based on high-level tournament wins, and once a hero gets to 500 points they rotate out of the format.  These heroes are going strong, but aren’t so close to rotating out that you have to worry about them getting the axe before you get a chance to play them!

The other HP1 precons feature Bravo, Rhinar, and Viserai, which means most of the hero archetypes show up in this release.  That’s great for players who have been wanting to try a new playstyle. Not ready to commit to a classic constructed deck? No problem! These decks make it easy to try before you take the plunge. Like I said earlier, these blitz decks are a great opportunity for new players to enter the game. Not a lot of Flesh and Blood players in your area?  LSS balanced these precons to be played against each other, and each box comes with one of each hero’s deck.  Pick up the set, grab your friends, and get to playing!

Oh. And LSS has made it even easier to get started, with official learn to play videos for each of the decks!

History Pack 1 blitz decks drop in the US on April 17, 2023. Let your LGS know you’re on the lookout!

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