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Armada Faction Fleet Previews From Mantic

Last week we previewed Mantic’s new game of high seas combat, Kings of War: Armada. This week, we have a compilation of ship images from each of the four announced factions. Each Armada Faction shows off three of the larger ships available to them. Mantic Games provides additional information on their news page.


Glorious Basilea, blessed of the Gods, stands as the strongest human nation in the known world. Their proud sailed craft maneuver in classic gun lines to bring deadly broadsides to bear. Meanwhile, their heavy Battle Ships, close range to where the full weight of their massive broadsides or boarding crews crush the heart of the faithless enemy. Many ships of the line glimmer with divine protective magics. Meanwhile their gundecks belch forth blessed shot onto the faithless.

Elohi-class warShip
Abbess-class Battle Ship
Dictator-class Battle Ship


Are they really even ships? Appearing closer to floating piles of debris, Orc warships dispense with grace, elegance, and style. They only exist to close as fast as possible and crush their enemy. The ramshackle appearance of their craft hides a surprising durability. Once they exploit that durability, a variety of brutal close combat rams, saws, bludgeons, and more pummel the foe. Anything left floating falls to swift boarding actions during the mop-up.

Ripper Hulk

Empire of Dust

Raised by bale-eyed High Priests from the bones of the Mighty Dead, the great war galleys sail once again. The Empires navy uses a combination of swift sailed vessels and maneuverable galleys for combat. In battle, their tireless crew launch enchanted ballista and command mighty magics. One day, all will be dust.

War Galley


While lacking numbers, Dwarf ships remain a formidable force on the seas. Technologically sophisticated, they use a combination of steam power and paddlewheels instead of fickle winds. Meanwhile, their many rifled guns fire from sponsons and turrets where other nations depend on massed gun decks with little flexibility. Combined with the thick armor plates, Dwarf Ironclads run rampant among other nations battlelines!

RuneAxe Ironclad
GrimmStone Ironclad
Dreadnought-class Ironclad

Thank you for checking out the Armada Faction preview. Do you appreciate any faction in particular? What draws you to them? Leave us a comment.

I’m rather torn between the Dwarfs and Empire of Dust. Dwarfs have the “high-tech” tough niche. I imagine them sailing right into the teeth of enemy fire and emerging, except for a few dents, from the otherside. Meanwhile, Empire of Dust resurrects my Tomb King fan-boy. Plus their sculpts! I’m seeing all those prow lines in alternating blues, coppers, and gold. A fun painting challenge.

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