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Beast Snaggas and Van Dendts, New Monday Models

Let’s see what’s coming soon from the scriveners at Warhammer Community. First up, the Waagh! picks up speed with a look at Ork Beast Snaggas. Then, a side trip to the Broken Realms to join the witch hunting Van Dendt duo in Age of Sigmar. Let’s get started!

Beast Snaggas, Squig Cavalry

Forget about your buggies and trukks. Get back to “da old ways’ with the Beast Snaggas. Someone in the Design Studio has a love for big cavalry units. We’ve had Thunderwolves, Serberys Raiders, and the gracile new Lumineth Windchargers. Now, we hear the pounding of mighty squig paws as the Beast Snaggas crest the rise

Fast, red, and all muscle, Beast Snaggas prefer spears (stikk-choppas?) over shootas. But those spears aren’t just for stikkin’, the meks added rocket boosts to them. More killie and decently lound as well! Makes them proper Orky it does.

Don’t count the little ones out either. Standing on the squig’s bare back, they’ve got one hand to hold on the the other to get their own whacks in! Even the Gretchin are orky enough to wan to get stuck in.

Again, we don’t have a release date, but as they were part of the latest online preview, the Weirdboyz 8-ball says “Soon”. With luck, there’ll be a few more squig powered options coming up for the Orks. They’re always at their best when they lean, hard, into the crazy.

Van Denst, Witch Hunters

Now we’ll spend some time with a pair of characters from the Cities of Sigmar. Introducing Galen and Doralia Van Denst! This father-daughter team makes aliving hunting witches, heretics, and the undead. They’re business has been booming since the Necroquake.

The elder Van Denst, Galen, carries a holy pistol and rune-etched broadsword. The power of his will and weapons is such he may even banish endless spells with a flurry of shots or blows. Mere mortals and undead stand little chance against this experienced warrior.

AoSBR WitchHunters Apr5 Content1k
I like the optional hands, hope there’s an empty scabbard as well!

Now Galen’s daughter, Doralia, prefers to engage from range. Her crossbow looks big enough to mount as a siege weapon, but she handles it with just two hands and unerring accuracy. Many have though her easy prey once through her fire only to find she swings a mean blade as well. Just like good old Dad!

Optional heads are always a great bit. I’d go with her bare head and save the hat for a conversion. It wouldn’t look out of place on a 40K Inquisitor.

Games Workshop is playing cagy on when we’ll get out hands on this team. My best guess would when Broken Realms Be’Lakor releases. Unlike Teclis, there isn’t much to add to the Daemons of Chaos. More importantly, they haven’t teamed any new models other than Be’lakor at this point!

Take a look back at an earlier Monday Model with Be’Lakor able to star in both Age of Sigmar and 40K. Then get your share of weekend news, comics, and Cursed City promotions at Warhammer Community

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