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Dead Grandma: The Inheritance Card Game

Somebody at some point must’ve opened some sort of Pandora’s box of questionable card game ideas. First, we had Cards Against Humanity. Then we had a (sadly unfunded) game where ghouls competed for a human skin suit. On the tail of that came a game that puts you in the shoes of a conspiracy theorist.

And now, we have Dead Grandma, where family members fight over grandma’s possessions only minutes after she’s gone cold.

To be fair, I wouldn’t mind having my ashes put into one of those tins instead of an urn. Those cookies are fire.

You compete with your fellow 2-5 players in a mad bid to become the favorite grandchild, nabbing yourself loot of varying worth. (For example, grandma’s mostly-hairless gremlin of a lap dog.) This card game revolves around bidding on whatever object turns up in a round. The game ends once a player has three objects of the same or all different colors.

But even if your opponents outbid you, you can still sabotage them with various action cards. Getting the Last Slice of Pizza adds two points to a bid, Get Left At the Gas Station During a Family Trip (subtracts two points from a bid). Worst case scenario, you end up with the Family Disappointment card, which cancels out one of your obtained possessions.

AAAAAnd now I’m having flashbacks to last Thanksgiving.

The campaign also promises expansions such as Dead Grandpa and Grandma’s Third Marriage. The goal’s been cleared all the way to the nursing home, but you have until July 13 to check it out!

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