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Be’lakor, Warhammer New Model Monday

Games Workshop started a new tradition with new model previews on Monday over at Warhammer Community. This week, Be’lakor returns to both Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. The new model shows GW’s continuing efforts to modernize and replace older metal/resin pieces with impressive plastics. I mean, just look.

old metal Be'lakor

Wait, wait, sorry, that’s the old Be’lakor on a 50mm square base. A bloodletter would come up to his chest. Not bad back in the days of metal figures. Let’s look at what we’re getting ‘soon’.

Age of Sigmar Be'lakor

Somebody fed well on the ruins of the World That Was. Those foreground bloodletters come up to his knee. He’s easily a match for Skarbrand or any of the Bloodthirsters in scale. I have to wonder what that Chaos Warrior did to earn a place on his base.

I’m sure this future Broken Realms will fill in all the gaps.

Broken Realms

Naturally, we’re also going to see him in the grimdark with his Warhammer 40,000 option. Just add Primaris Lieutenant plus a few helmets to his trophy chains.

40K Be'lakor

Players wanting him for both games may magnetize the bodies and leave distinctive trophies off the chains. But what’s the fun in that. The Warp spans worlds, time, and space. Give the big guy his genre hopping due and put whatever bitz you want on him!

At the moment, Games Workshop has not given us either prices or release date. Given that Be’lakor is a named model, I would expect him to go for the high end of monster model category. Say, $160.00 to $190.00. As for release date, we have to get through Broken Realms: Teclis first. Perhaps two months after that we’ll be able to order Be’lakor.

I’ll be back next Monday with GW’s newest Monday model.

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