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Board Game Rundown – How Fast Can you Doodle Dash?

Doodle Dash is the new party game by Chilifox Games where both speed and accuracy are important. Players are given a word to draw on a dry erase board. The first player to be satisfied with their work takes the golden baton from the table, the second player finished then takes a unique die and rolls until it tells everyone else to stop. Judging goes in order of those who finished.

Just because you finished first, though, doesn’t mean the judge will guess it correctly! See how the guys at the Rundown judge the game and decide if you think it’s right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cReYQBVakqU

About the Author
Spencer was born in California and has since moved and lived all over the country before settling in the South Bend, Indiana area with his wife and children. He is a writer currently working on his second novel as well as a co-host on Board Game Rundown. His interests are multitudinous and include brewing beer, voice acting, playing guitar, backpacking, and, of course, playing board games.

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