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Broken Tales: A TTRPG That Doesn’t Do Happily Ever After

Everyone likes to rip classic fables a new one. Peter Pan’s actually a jerk. Alice is a mental patient. Terry Gilliam needs to fracture all the fairytales in a movie that only, like, three out of ten people probably remember.

Has Terry Gilliam made a TTRPG? That. Would. ROCK.
Likely out of sheer, fathomless trauma.

Adding to that list is the Italian-based World Anvil Publishing. (Not to be confused with World Anvil.) In 2021, they brought us Broken Tales (alongside its expansion, The Broken Ones). In this horror-fantasy TTRPG, a child’s well-intentioned wish turns fairytale villains into heroes and vice-versa. This warps eighteenth century Europe into a wonderland where the noble Captain Hook tries to end Pinocchio’s reign of terror.

“Real boy? More like a real pain!

Players take on the role of hunters, now-benevolent fairytale baddies out to rid the world of corrupted storybook heroes. In addition to a solo mode, players have the option/means of creating their own hunters and missions based on favorite fairytales. The gameplay moves similarly to your standard TTRPG in regards of your players going on adventures, albeit with changes such as less dice-based skill checks against the DM/Storyteller.

Now, two years after the initial release, World Anvil Publishing is turning the page with another expansion- Lost Stories. You can have match-ups like twins based on a redeemed Snow Queen verses a polluted Lady of the Lake or a very naughty Santa Claus. Kickstarter-exclusives include heroes such as a medic based on Dracula or a gentlemen thief inspired by Moriarty.

“Please, I invented the rogue class!”

The new Kickstarter campaign had beaten its predecessor’s ten minute funding by three minutes, but you can still make it to the ball until June 21.

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Went to film school instead of real college. Writes stuff, animates things, and programs whatchacallits. Currently playing a rogue/cleric (trickery) warforged that's basically a life-sized Victorian porcelain horror doll. You can find more of her stuff at kerahildebrandt.com, including D&D modules/such!

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