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Catalyst Releases New BattleTech Starter Set (Target Exclusive)

Catalyst Game Labs announced a new starter set for the Battletech tabletop miniatures game, which will be a Target store exclusive.

The set is called BattleTech Essentials and will release for $24.99. The setting is Game World Solaris VII, where players will battle in a mech arena. It’s available now for $24.99.

The box includes:

  • Quick-Start Rules booklet
  • 2 high-quality, fully-assembled (unpainted) plastic miniatures
  • Punchboard including additional playing pieces as well as terrain
  • 18” x 22” full color, double-sided game map
  • Instant Guide to the Inner Sphere
  • 24-page fiction novella
  • 4 Record sheets
  • 4 MechWarrior cards
  • Solaris VII Arena Map Rules sheet
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