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Catan Starfarers Expansion Ready For Preorder

An expansion for Catan Starfarers, called New Encounters, is now up for pre-order. Catan creator Klaus Teuber is credited as a co-designer for the expansion, marking one of the first Catan releases since Teuber passed away in April. Teuber also designed the original Starfarers of Catan (1999) as well as the updated Catan Starfarers (2019).

Starfarers is quite similar to Catan (formerly Settlers of Catan) but players colonizes planets instead of building terrestrial settlements. New Encounters adds some new elements to gameplay, including new scenarios that feature space archeology, defense against raiding pirates, and an invasion of giant, ship-eating amoebae.

The expansion also includes new pieces such as amoeba figures, ship capsules, pirate bases, an asteroid, and many other markers and pieces as well as combat dice.

Preorder is available on Catan’s site.

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