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Changes Announced To Cities Of Sigmar Miniatures Range

Games Workshop (GW) has announced changes to the Cities Of Sigmar line for its game, Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar. New sculpts had previously been announced for the line, coordinated with the upcoming Battletome: Cities Of Sigmar book. The news here is that some models currently available for the Cities Of Sigmar faction being discontinued, with many of them planned to move over into the upcoming Warhammer: The Old World game.

There will still be Duardin and Aelves in the new book, although the focus will be mostly on humans. But it will be possible to construct mixed armies in various ways, based on which is your main force.

As for the models leaving the range, GW has said that you can still use them as subs for very similar models that will be in the new book.

Below is a list of images showing which models will be leaving the game.

Freeguild General On Foot
Freeguild Crossbowmen/Freeguild Handgunners
Freeguild Guard
Hellblaster Volley Gun/Helstorm Pocket Battery
Freeguild Pistoliers/Freeguild Outriders
Freeguild Greatswords
Demigryph Knights
Flamespyre Phoenix/Frostheart Phoenix
Phoenix Guard
Wildwood Rangers/Eternal Guard
Sisters Of The Thorn/Wild Riders
Araloth/Noble Prince
Shadow Warriors/Sisters Of Avalorn
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