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Chaosium Releases New RuneQuest Book, Cults Of RuneQuest: The Lightbringers

Game publisher Chaosium has announced a new supplement for their venerable tabletop role-playing game, RuneQuest. The book is called Cults Of RuneQuest: The Lightbringers.

Described as “a player-facing RuneQuest supplement,” the book contains information on 19 cults which can be used as bases for characters. These bring new spells, skills, and special traits to the game. You can also add a cult from this book to a character’s list of worshiped gods. Rules are included to “advance your character to a God-Talker, Rune Priest, or even a mighty Rune Lord!”

And, of course, there’s plenty of lore about the Lightbringer pantheon.

The book will be available in August, and is a 168 full-color publication priced at $39.99.

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