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Combat Patrol replacing Start Collecting!

W40K Combat Patrol logo

For years Games Workshop has used the discounted Start Collecting! boxed sets entice new and older players alike into dabbling with a new army. While the sets had a good price point, for the quantity over quality army, Start Collecting! didn’t get close to a beginning force. Sunday, October 26th, announced a new product, Combat Patrol, to fix this problem.

Starting with Space Wolves and Deathwatch, as new codexes and supplements release, Start Collecting! boxes will begin to be replaced with Combat Patrol sets. The Combat Patrol box contains a legal 25 power level, combat patrol sized army for your faction. Whether you’re just starting to learn the rules or starting a new Crusade force, these are the right size for you.

Space Wolf and Deathwatch Combat Patrol boxes

Space Wolves bring a full 10-man unit of Intercessors, a 5-man Reiver squad, a Space Wolf Battle Leader, an Invictor Tactical Warsuit, and Space Wolf Primaris upgrades to the fray.

Deathwatch, on the other paw, sticks with a straight infantry force. They lead off with a 10-man Intercessor squad just as the Space Wolves do. However, instead of a Warsuit, they add 3 Primaris Aggressors. TheCombat Patrol ends with a pair of characters, a Primaris Lieuteneatn with Power Sword and a Primaris Apothecary All units look to have the obligatory Deathwatch Primaris upgrades.

These Combat Patrols, and a whole lot more, will be up for presales on October 31st. Local stores get to place them on the shelf the following Saturday, November 7th.

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