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You know those perfect little building blocks? You know the most popular TTRPG? What if they had some weird little baby together? And what if YOU were its parent? Confused? Tired of the questions? Then read on!

Play Pretend? Perfect!

These two titans of creation have decided to collaborate to all of our benefit! In what will hopefully be the first of many new sets of D&D themed LEGOs, both companies are looking to their fans to get session zero started. They have announced that as a celebration of 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons a contest will be held through the LEGO Ideas platform to gather designs of what these two communities of creatives would love to see most.

“Contest you say and what of the prize, barkeep?”

-Intrigued Adventurers

Other than the bragging rights for creating the first D&D LEGO set, the official LEGO Ideas announcement goes over the prizes that you could win:

  • 1% of the total net sales of the LEGO® IDEAS™ Dungeons & Dragons product 
  • 10 complimentary copies of your LEGO® IDEAS™ Dungeons & Dragons set
  • Credit and bio in set materials as the LEGO® IDEAS™ Dungeons & Dragons Fan Designer
  • a prize package of Dungeons & Dragons goodies!

Even if your design isn’t chosen as the overall winner, simply getting to the second round of the contest will get you some nice swag:

  • 31120 Medieval Castle
  • 21325 Medieval Blacksmith
  • A prize package of Dungeons & Dragons goodies!

“What’s this about rounds? Because I will certainly have another!”

-Confused Adventurer

LEGO Ideas does recognize that this will not be like their typical challenges. All submissions will first be reviewed by the “Judges,” a group composed of members of the LEGO Ideas team and the Wizards of the Coast team. They will select no more than five designs to move onto the second round for fan voting. The fan votes will not determine the winner, but will lend weight to the judges’ final decision. There are several qualities they will be looking for in these submissions including Feasibility, Build Quality, and Best Representation of 50 Years of D&D.

“Very well, have you heard any whispers that could help us?”

-Smart Adventurer

You’ll certainly want to pay close attention to the various stipulations for the contest, even the LEGO Ideas team stressed thoroughly reading the “Fine Print and the D&D Content Terms.” There’s also a section for the “Submission Rules” covering things like the number of LEGO elements to be used in the design and what those elements include. Another section called the “House Rules,” reminiscent of a D&D campaign, goes over the general no-no’s for the contest. The “Submission Requirements” makes it clear that even small things like a spelling mistake or the wrong aspect ratio for a photo could get your entry rejected. Most important is that a rejected design doesn’t mean game over. The LEGO Ideas team suggests entries be submitted no later than 2-3 days before the deadline in order to have the design moderated. If rejected, the design will be placed in your drafts with a comment regarding necessary changes, which you can make and re-submit. As with a tough campaign, proper planning can save you a giant headache!

Best Of Luck Adventurers!

The challenge is live on the LEGO Ideas site and the submission entry period closes at 6AM EST on November 14th, 2022. That’s just over a month to get in on the quest of a lifetime! That loot is calling your name my friends so make your plans, grab your equipment, and get to it!

Til Next Time!

About the Author
Living in a small town in Arkansas most of his life, he has only had access to TTRPGs, Magic, and the wider “nerdier” world since 2017. He’s run and played D&D, built commander decks, and is always looking for as many fun things his socially awkward heart can handle.

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