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Cool Cool Cool: Kickstarter Preview

Do you commonly use words and phrases like “dope,” “wicked,” and “that slaps?” Do you enjoy fast-paced party games that occasionally lead to jammed fingers or awkward discussions of whose hand landed first?

Assuming you said yes to both of these questions (because you’re probably one cool cat) this may be just the game for you!

Hot off the funding press at Kickstarter is the hilarious sounding Cool Cool Cool! The genius behind the game is Twogether Studios, who have successfully launched 4 games prior to this one.

What is Cool Cool Cool?

Simply put, it’s a fast-paced party game that involves yelling today’s vernacular while slapping cards. It plays similarly to games like Egyptian Rat Screw and Avocado Smash. ERS was a favorite of many kids, teens and families, an this one seems to hit the nail on the head in capturing that original magic!

What sets this game apart from others is the focus on language, as well as variation in play from round to round. This creates a sense of novelty, breaking up the repetition and forcing players to think a little harder each round.

Cool Cool Cool deckbox, card illustrations and image of instructional booklet.

From the creators of the game:

“If you enjoy a game night with laughter, chaotic energy, and quick competition, this game is for you.  Cool Cool Cool expands on the classic slap game genre with rule combinations that can change each time you play.  Designed for 2-6 players and a playtime of of 8-18 minutes, it’s a fast game that will leave you wanting to play another round.”

Game Creators: Jenn Ellis & Keith Baker, Twogether Studios

A Total No-Brainer Purchase

With a super simple set up, rules that can be learned in under 30 seconds (no really, check out their setup video on Kickstarter!), and a speed and energy that fill family and friends with both love and angst, this game is sure to become a staple.

The game was posted on Kickstarter on October 11, 2022 with an initial pledge goal of $4,500. The next day, the game had already reached its goal! At the time of writing, the game has received $5,742 in pledges. It seems like many folks think this game will be Cool Cool Cool!

The studio intends to sell the game in retail store. They will provide updates when they are more clear on their timelines for launch.

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