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Crooked Moon Breaks Kickstarter Record

A while back, I covered a Kickstarter campaign for a 5e-compatible folk horror romp called Crooked Moon. Out of all the campaigns I have covered for this site, this one showed the most promise. Beautiful art. Unique vibe. Oh, and the fact that it cleared its goal within one minute with over 1.8 million dollars.

I want to stress that again. It cleared. It’s goal. Within one minute. With 1.8 million dollars.

God willing I’ll be able to celebrate like this when MY Kickstarter launches.
To be fair, I’d be celebrating like a literal madwoman too if I made half that much…

Ah, actually, that number is also wrong.

Because the campaign had closed with 4.02 million. Thereby becoming the most profitable 5e-related Kickstarter campaign in the history of the platform.

Funnily enough, the record was previously held by one Ryoko’s Guide to the Yokai Realms with 3.3 million…For exactly four days, until Crooked Moon surpassed it on (appropriately enough) on Halloween.

“Two Corporate Lawyers Meeting For A Business Lunch.” Oil on Canvus.
Guess some giant reptiles are more appealing if they’re snazzy dressers.

Obviously, developers Legend of Avantris are over the (crooked) moon about this. Furthermore, they’ve announced a stretch goal unlocked at the last minute that certainly grabbed my attention: a three-vinyl soundtrack release. (Yes, I’m a vinyl snob.) Which is something I can’t say I’ve seen on a Kickstarter campaign before.

Of course, the party favors don’t end here. Every backer will now have digital tokens added to their payload, regardless of tier. Punchboard tokens have also been added.

If you missed the campaign, you can still pre-order here on Backerkit.

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