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Crooked Moon: Folk Horror in 5E Campaign Launches

So, I’ve seen my share of successful Kickstarters. The Puzzle Masters Handbook got their £12 in fifteen minutes, crossing the finish line with 4.8k. Mimic Dice crushed their goal within a few days, making 155k north of their 5k goal. The Earthbound-styled horror that is Suburbia: The Envy of A Million Spheres also enjoyed similar success.

Which brings us to The Crooked Moon. Which you’ve probably seen on Facebook ads for a while, promising a folk horror-styled romp.

The campaign started today, and (as of this article) it has cleared 1.08 million dollars over a 20k goal.

The worst kind of horror: various allergens!
This goat’s so surprised, he grew a third eye to further express his shock.

Eh, maybe it’s the free set of dice you get within the first 72 hours of pledging. But more likely, the emphasis on folkloric horror is what caught people’s attention.

Because stuffed within 400+ pages, you’ll find all sorts of gruesome goodness. A setting molded by tall tale-styled darkness. New subclasses and character options. Magical items that upgrade along side you. Adventures that offer both creepy and campy options alike. Monsters inspired by folk tales, such as the antagonistic Crooked Man.

Dude, he's prolly, like, super good at yoga.
“Do I look like someone who’s interested in some good news?”

Oh, and there’s a soundtrack composed by Over the Garden Wall‘s Blasting Company.

And yes, the perks are astounding. We’re talking dice, plushies, tarot cards, numerous miniatures…

You can grab this Halloween-ready horror story by November 2nd. Also, the campaign’s now at 1.1 million dollars.

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