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Cryptozoic Left Artists Unpaid For Months Due To Death Of CEO

Board game company Cryptozoic Entertainment, who have published such games as Spyfall and the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, has come under fire for failing to pay artists for many months. Several artists have been publicly complaining about this on Twitter, saying that the company was ignoring their requests for information or updates.

Finally, although they’ve made no public statement, Cryptozoic emailed several of the unpaid artists with an apology, and stating that the sudden death in February of the CEO, John Sepenuk, has caused the delay as it “significantly disrupted our operations.” The email states that the company is now trying to pay about 10% of the affected artists each week, and that they’ve now secured the amount of money needed to pay the rest of the artists.

It’s been reported that some of the artists have since received wire transfer notifications that their payments would arrive in a matter of days.

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