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Day 2 Review, Warhammer Fest Online!

Welcome back for the Day 2 Review of Warhammer Fest Online. Today, Games Workshop focuses in on Warhammer 40,000 with planned releases coming soon for War Zone Charadon and a massive expansion of the Sisters of Battle.

Day 2 Review – War Zone Charadon

Continue the battle for War Zone Charadon with Act II: The Book of Fire.
In addition to the major ongoing conflict between Adeptus Mechanicus and Death Guard with no small Drukhari interference, this Act brings in reinforcements for Imperium and Chaos. The arrival of Battle Group Tarsus of the Indomitus Crusade bolsters the defenders. However, something dark stirs in the warp as Be’lakor returns for all that is his!

Charadon receives a dedicated Battlezone: Mechanicus filled with towers, furnaces, stacks, and enough piping to create an industrial wasteland. We know a new Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus is coming “soon”. Here’s a great point to start making your new force a home.

Day 2 Review – Adepta Sororitas

Before we see that Mecahnicus book, we’re putting our faith in the Emperor with his Adepta Sororitas. From the cover art alone, we’re looking at some powerful new Sisters units. In the foreground we see the melee-centered Celestian Sacresants. Meanwhile, in the background are a pair of powerful Paragon Warsuits. Between th covers you’ll find 35 datasheets, a full suite of Crusade rules, Hymns of Battle, and the options to create your own Order Militant.

But the best new models and characters aren’t on the cover.

On to the models!

Morvenn Vahl

The Day 2 Review shows us the new High Lord of Terra entering the battlefield. Morvenn Vahl, Abbess Sanctorum of the Adepta Sosoritas strides forth in a custom-built Paragon Warsuit. In addition to the Warsuit’s standard load-out, she carries the Lance of Illumination. Given in trust by the Adeptus Custodes, this storied blade is a bold statement of Custodes respect and support. Altogether, expect her to stand up to other faction leaders from Abaddon to the Silent King!

Character Support

Next, join a paired set of characters, Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan. Aestred bears the Auto-Tapestry of the Emperor’s Judgement inspiring Sisters to fight all the harder. Agathae records the deeds of these heroines, whether they rise in victory or fall in battle.

Now, the Dogmata enforces more than she inspires. To her falls observations of strict devotion and adherence to the Order’s tenets. She alone bears the burden of judging her Sisters transgressions and sentencing them to the Repentia or worse. Is it any wonder that those who find themselves under her watchful eyes redouble their efforts to hold objectives or preform actions? No, not at all. Additionally, you can be sure her mace is for more than show!

The Palatine made a brief appearance during the run of Pain and Piety. She’s scheduled to made a independent showing at the same time as the new Codex arrives! Her Fury of the Righteous ability will be much in demand to strengthen the combat prowess of any Sisters of Battle force!

Powerful New Units

The Sisters hid the new units well down in the Day 2 Review. So far, we’re seeing three in the Codex, the elite Celestian Sacresants, the powerful and versatile Paragon Warsuits, and the deadly Castigator battle tank.

Celestian Sacresants occupy center stage as the Sisters new melee unit. While Repentia serve as shock troops, they lack staying power to hold those objectives. The Sacresants, however, are equipped with blessed weapons, large shields, and clad head to toe in power armor. They’ll both take and hold ground in the Emperor’s name!

Paragon Warsuits rival the power of Astartes Dreadnoughts. Each bears a heavy weapon, one of the trinity of heavy bolter, heavy flamer, or multi-melta, in one hand. On their shoulders perch either a grenade launcher or twin storm bolters. Finally, they wield one of a selection of large melee weapons. In that isn’t enough, Warsuits operate in a mutually supporting squad of three. Expect to see many of them on future battlefields.

At last, the Sisters now deploy a battle tank worthy of the name. The Castigator takes the faithful Rhino chassis and mounts an expanded Predator turret. The turret houses either a Castigator battle cannon or twin-barreled autocannon for the tank’s main gun. Meanwhile, the hull three heavy bolters, two in the familiar sponsons and the third right out the front. You’re looking at a level of firepower any Leman Russ tank commander would be envious of!

Warhammer Community is hosting a recording of the interviews, promo videos, and more great content from Day 2. Check it out for even more inspiration.

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