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Day 3 Review, Warhammer Fest Online!

I wasn’t expecting to have a Day 3 Review up on Game Talk Network as the focus today is on Black Library books, but Games Workshop snuck something on interest into the lineup.

Tanith First & Only returns to the battlefield! This time we’re getting the core crew in plastic. At the moment, we don’t know if these are going to be very available in decent quantities, like the Noise Marine or Talons of the Emperor, or if they’ll be a tight limited release. We’ll let you know when we do!

But till then, lets get a closer look at the miniatures and compare to their original metal releases.

Day 3 Review, Tanith First & Only

Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt

FestDay3 May5 40k Content1b
From http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com

Metal is so slimming! When rescupting miniatures for a plastic medium they seem to gain a few pounds in the legs and torso. We can put that down to one too many meals in the officer’s mess or that he’s wearing actual armor under his uniform. I know which one the Colonel-Commissar wants me to say!

However, plastic gives GW plenty of room to work with depth. While metal Ibram is mostly a flat plane, with only the sword projecting out, plastic Ibram has good depth. The raised knee, chainsword, and cloak all push out of the plane formed from his torso, bolt pistol and head.

Also, really nice to see him aiming with a decently sized gun. Metal Ibram could have used a folding stock to brace it. I think he took that one off a space marine.

Games Workshop hasn’t had a commissar with the stock bolt pistol and chainsword in awhile, so it is nice to see that option in play again. Plus, the early stories had him with just that pairing. Undoubtedly he’ll have some special rule to reflect his superior skills. Can’t have a named character falling behind the regular stock.

Colonel Colm Corbec

FestDay3 May5 40k Content2o
From http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com

How I’ve missed you Colm. Gaunt’s Ghosts was one of the first GW series I read. While you expected the surrounding Guardsmen to drop, the main named characters went on and on, until they just stopped. So, welcome back Colonel.

Once again, you can see the weight gain. However, here his armor shows prominently and the cloak adds bulk to his already muscular frame.

I like they decided to go with a more weary head. Between the fuller beard and irregular hair, Colm’s showing more than a bit of war weariness and age. Nice not to see a full out hero sculpt.

Again, in terms of depth, plastic Colm wins. Hands down. His head is nestled down in the folds of his camo cloak. Then it wraps around behind his torso. I get a sense of space there as well. While his lasgun remains in frame with his stance, his arm points out as if it just snapped down to indicate movement or direct fire.

Master Sniper Hlaine Larkin

FestDay3 May5 40k Content5p
From http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com

Our final pair of comparison pics shows Mad Larkin at work. The plastic mini’s stance prevents you from seeing weight gain, but still provides that sense of depth from the cloak and underlying details. A good reimagining of Larkin.

However, I’m going to say I prefer the sense of character from the old miniature. I think every Guard sniper from that era was sighting in on a target. Here Larkin is set back and relaxed. He’s surveying the field before deciding on his next kill. That bit of calm before action is rare in GW miniatures.

Plus, his sniper rifle has been clearly modified from the traditional long-las. It has a side-mounted hotshot power pack and wooden stock. Nice.

Major Elim Rawne

FestDay3 May5 40k Content3u

We didn’t get a metal Rawne back in the day. This plastic more than makes up for it. Steel’s out and ready to stick it into someone unsuspecting, Rawne oozes deadly casual violence.

There’s not as much play with depth in his figure, the knife arm pose could have been done with metal, although it would be one piece with his chest. However, the spaces under his off arm and depth around his neck and shoulders would have been much harder to pull off.

‘Try Again’ Bragg

FestDay3 May5 40k Content4z

Back in the day, my Bragg was a Catachan with a Leman Russ’ heavy stubber. A crappy green stuff cloak made didn’t help him any.

Now, this looks much more like book Bragg. He’s wielding a chopped down autocannon and braced to lay down the pain. Bragg would deliver quantity of fire over accuracy in every scene. With any luck he’ll get a few rules to increase his rate of fire, maybe with a permanent BS 5+, or reroll. He’d hit pretty often when he’d try again.

Nearly two decade old spoilers, he’s gone too.

Sergeant Scout Oan Mkoll

FestDay3 May5 40k Content6j

While present since the beginning of Gaunt’s Ghosts, Mkoll has figured prominently in the later part of the series. Here we see the master scout in his element, on the hunt. The pose, crouched over with hand on raised leg would have been very hard to pull off with metals. We might have seen it in a Forge World design, but not metal blister packs.

Like the older Larkin model, Mkoll has been caught in a moment of calm. While his hand holds Tanith’s straight silver, it isn’t in a ready grip. Here, I see him about to point out a track or trace to a promising scout in training. Alternately, he may be addressing the assembled officers regarding the latest reconnaissance and sketch out some details in the field. Whether you subscribe to either interpretation or one of your own, he’s not about to stick someone, he’d be stepping over the branch if that was his intent.

Thank you for looking over our Day 3 Review. My apologies for not getting to any of the books, but I’m strictly on the game side of things here!

Check out the earlier releases from Day 1 and Day 2.

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