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Days 4 & 5 Reviewed, Warhammer Fest Online!

Welcome back to a belated coverage of Wahammer Fest Online! We’re combining days 4 and 5 into one longer article. From the Day 4 Review we get glimpses of upcoming releases for Warhammer Underworlds, Necromunda, and Aeronautica Imperialis. The Day 5 Review turns us towards 40K with additions to Astra Militarum Cadian Shock Infantry and a large expansion to Orks. Our next Xenos Codex appears to have been sighted!

Day 4 Review – Idoneth Deepkin

The last release for this season of Warhammer Underworlds features the Idoneth Deepkin. Elathain’s Soulraid consists of five figures; three Deepkin, a deep sea armored fish, and one angry crustacean. Remember, they’re order, so that name has no ominous implications. At all. Games Workshop won’t give more away until later in the release cycle, so enjoy these miniatures for the moment.

Day 4 Review – Delaque

Time for the House of Shadows to sidestep the spotlight. As with the other ‘House of’ Necromunda releases fans of the spymasters will receive a brand new book and killer model box.

The new miniatures box will feature experienced champions of the House, young aspirants, and a set of freaky pets.

The champions, know as Nacht-Ghul, are a cadre of elite assassins and saboteurs. Call on them to take out high value targets and bring factorums to a screeching halt.

A new breed of Delaque have joined your gangs. Called Psy-Gheists, these young gangers have dodged the Black Ships, for now, and tap into their psychic powers to advance your plans in the Underhive. The one on the left looks particularly creepy.

FestDay4 May6 Necro Content3n

Finally, Psy-Gheists utilize these pair of strange beings. With names like Psychoteric Wyrm and Piscean Spektor, we know they’re going to be dangerous.

Day 4 Review – Wrath of Angels

A third boxed release for Aeronautica Imperialis pits the nimble Aeldari Craftworlds craft against stalwart Space Marine flyers. As with previous releases, we get a whole new selection of craft in the box and seperate releases. The Space Marines have the most requested one.

With 6 deadly Aeldari fighters and 5 robust Imperial craft Wrath of Angels carries on the high flying Aeronautica Imperialis tradition found in earlier boxed releases.

Let’s see how my vehicle identification skills are…

Crimson Hunters
Nightwing Interceptors
Xiphon Pattern Interceptors
Storm Eagle

And here it is, THUNDERHAWK. In plastic, finally.

Thunderhawk Gunship

Day 5 Review – Infantry Sprue

The Cadian Shock Troopers boxed set is an older kit. Many of the options the unit had weren’t in there. Instead, you had metal blisters with many of your special weapons. Frequently, you’d repurpose metal Cadian Officers to represent the equipment your sergeant could carry. No more!

Very soon, Cadian Shock Troop boxes will include an additional sprue. Not only will you have all your special weapon options in one box, but you’ll also have sergeant options and 25 heads to personalize your Guardsmen.

Check it all out below.

Day 5 Review – Beast Snaggas

We’d already seen some individual Beast Snaggas models in an earlier article. Today, we’re getting a good look at the first half of the new Ork models for 2021! Your first chance to acquire them will be in the Beast Snagga Orks Army Set.

Not only do you get all the fantastic models shown above, but also the 9th edition Codex: Orks well before the retail release.

In addition to the group photo, Games Worklshop gave us two up close picts.

First, a Nob to add more impact to your charge. He’s riding a smasha squig. With the addition of a heavy head plate, the smasha becomes a living battering ram. There’s no going around, only through!

For the second, we have a call back to the old days of 2nd Edition, Zodgrod Wortsnagga. He’s a strangeboy for sure. He thinks grots are worth something. He uses positive reinforcement! Word is he once fired a Mek out of his own Shokk Attack Gun for “wasting” his grots.

Catalog image from The Stuff of Legends.
Zodgrod has had a tough millennium

And now let’s end on the traditional barker’s call, “That’s not all!” Kit your Warboss out in the best gear your Mekboys can kludge together, mega armor! Stomp right through the heaviest fire and chop them up the Orky way with an axe! Up top, you’ve got a loyal little grot manning your shoota ‘cuz you got betta thinks to krump’. Anyway, he’s BS 4+, not 5+.

Thanks for looking in on the Day 4 & 5 Review. You can find the earlier reviews on Warhammer Community or start with the Day 1 Review right here on CMO

There is a special announcement on Day 6, but I’m out for the weekend. I’ll see about posting quick coverage then.

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