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D&D Legos: Contest Update!

You have less than two weeks to place your vote for the first Dungeons & Dragons Lego set! The five finalists are all incredible and each would be an amazing first entry into what might become a new line for Lego.

If you’ve been checking out Game Talk Network regularly then you might have seen my previous article, CONTEST: D&D LEGOS. In the event you didn’t read it you can check it out to get the full story. But to catch you up, the gist is that Lego IDEAS is holding a contest in celebration of 50 years of D&D to determine the very first Dungeons & Dragons themed Lego set. Furthermore the contest is being held to gauge the popularity of D&D as a possible new line for production.

D&D Legos: Brick By Brick

Starting on October 5th the submission phase for the contest began for anyone that wished to enter. The intake phase ended on November 14th and immediately went into the “Expert Review” which consisted of representatives of both Lego and Wizards of the Coast going through the entries to whittle it all down to just five finalists. As of November 28th, the Crowd Vote phase has started allowing anyone willing to sign up/login to a Lego IDEAs account to vote for their favorite of the five finalists. Any fan of Legos and D&D can vote between now and December 12th to help the judges determine the ultimate winner of the contest. 

First a word of advice, go to each of the individual entries before voting! Each contestant provided multiple pictures showing different elements that aren’t immediately visible from these featured images. They also provided details about each set, such as the different components that are included and additional features (like dice towers and other fun secrets). Without further ado, the five finalists are as follows:

Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End
The Monster Manual
Transforming Mimic
Xanathar, the Beholder
Tiamat’s Dice Tower

After voting has closed, the expert panel of judges will take the results into consideration to help them make the extremely difficult choice of which of these five amazing works of Lego art will have the honor of “First Dungeons & Dragons Lego Set.” The winning entry and associated Fan Designer will be revealed by December 19th, only a week after voting ends. The results of the Crowd Voting phase will also be shared at that time, presumably for transparency’s sake. 

Building Up To D&D Legos!

To sum up, if you like Dungeons & Dragons and you like Legos, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Lego IDEAS site to cast your vote for your favorite design. While it may not be the determining factor in the judges’ decision, it certainly can’t hurt! Personally, I’m hoping that the “Tiamat’s Dice Tower” is selected! After all, it doesn’t get much more D&D than Dragon Queen Tiamat, a party of adventurers, and a dice tower to help them go head to head (or die roll to die roll, I suppose). Let me know which design you’re hoping to see hit shelves someday soon in the comments below! Check back here at GTN for all things tabletop gaming related!

Til Next Time!

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