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D&D Planescape Available for Pre-Order

The City of Doors is back! Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse is now available for pre-order. This Dungeons & Dragons expansion includes:

  • 2 new backgrounds, the Gate Warden & the Planar Philosopher
  • 7 new feats
  • New spells
  • 12 new ascendant factions
  • Over 50 new creatures
  • An adventure (for levels 3-10 and 17)
  • Adventure hooks
  • Maps
  • Encounter tables

Planescape is a three book set, including the following titles:

  • Sigil and the Outlands: the main setting book, covering topics including the City of Doors, the Outlands, and gate-towns
  • Turn of Fortune’s Wheel: An adventure in Sigil and the Outlands for levels 3-10, with a jump to 17
  • Morte’s Planar Parade: A manual of creatures from the Outer Plane

Digital copies will be available, as well as digital/physical bundles. Order from the D&D Store or your local game store.

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