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Dead By Daylight: The Board Game

Step out of The Fog and onto the…board? Coming next year from Level 99 Games is an adaptation of the beloved horror game franchise that people are dying to play, Dead By Daylight: The Board Game!

Killer Facts

Since it’s release in 2016 on PC, Dead By Daylight has spawned a whole new genre of multiplayer gaming. In this one versus four game, players take on the roll of either one of 20 original Survivors or one of 18 original Killers. Each character have a specific perks set or special skill for them to use. The Killer has one job, hunt down and eliminate the Survivors by incapacitating and hanging them on hooks. The Survivors have a more difficult time ahead of them as they are tasked to find and repair engines across the assigned map as they try to avoid The Killer. Along the way, you can unlock perks to help as you play either side. After it’s initial release, Dead By Daylight has collaborated with several popular horror franchises to add well known Killers and Survivors from Resident Evil, Scream, The Ring, and Halloween just to name a few.

Since May 2019, the game has sold more than 5 million copies and has inspired several other games such as Friday The 13th, Predator: Hunting Ground, and many more. It’s a no brainer that an adaptation was in the works, and it seems like it may transition well.

Shed Daylight on the Board

Looking at the information on the the Level 99 Games preorder website, it looks as if you could compare set up and gameplay to the popular game, Zombicide. There is a plethora of tokens, dice, and miniatures to sink your teeth into. The base game comes with 7 Survivors and 6 Killers. A Collector’s Edition of the game adds 10 more Survivors and Killers for players to choose from. There is also 2 extra maps in the Collector’s Edition, making it a total of 4 playable.

The objective for the Survivors and the Killer essentially remains the same, hunt or be hunted. The Survivors with secretly traverse the map to find ‘Props’ which will aid in repairing and escaping. These ‘Props’ can also help work against the Killer as they make their movements towards their ultimate goal. Killers will have unique powers in their aspiration of wiping out the Survivors, with potential game changing effects. It is currently unknown what these abilities will be, but I can imagine that they will be ‘scary’ powerful.

Pay the Ultimate Price

No matter which version you want, now is the time to get it. Preorders are still going as of today on the site, with an ending time frame of the month of October. The Base Game retails at $49.99 and the Collector’s Edition is $129.99. Once preorders have been settled, the estimated ship date for the game is March 31st, 2023. You can preorder the Base Game below.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the franchise, Dead By Daylight: The Board Game is sure to thrill players and make them keep coming back for more. Just be sure to tell yourself “It’s just a game.”

Until next time, my friends…happy hunting.

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