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Death Guard Model Previews Creating Buzz

They’re coming soon. As unstoppable as winter cold and the end of all things. Codex Death Guard will be here in December. Games Workshop has been building excitement through a series of planned and “accidental” Death Guard model previews. Let’s take a closer look at those released into the wild.

Our first warrior came to us from the Space Marine online preview. Tending to the care of hisLegion’s Daemon Engines, the Lord of Virulence, provides aura’s and buffs. In addition, he’ll be no pushover in combat with Terminator armor, a leaking Power First, and what looks like a twin Plague Spitter.

Our next subject lurked in the same video, but didn’t get a callout until now. Warhammer Community recently admitted to the “accidental” spoiler, the Miasmic Malignifier. Not only does it produce a Putrescent Fog around the model, but also hurts nearby enemies and may even explode when destroyed. Thus spreading Nurgle’s love even further!

Next up, a sick six pack. Space Marine Heroes 3 is scheduled to arrive in just over a week. Like the previous Space Marine Heroes sets, the models are sold in blind-buy packaging. However, each display contains one of each of the models. Either take your chances with single pulls or grab a display for a guaranteed six.

6? But Nurgle’s number is 7!

Each of Mortarion’s chosen also comes with their own Nurgling companion. Take a look at all six. Er, five? Yes, the five preview models shown below.

Mysterious number six, only shown in silhouette, will portray either a Champion or Lord. Whichever he ends up being, I’m sure he’ll be a as detailed and gruesome as the rest.

I’m sure Games Workshop will slip a few additional Death Guard model previews out in the buildup to the Codex’s release. Which figures have caught your attention? Which ones do you want joining your Long War against the False Emperorer? Let us know below in the comments. Also, if you see something I’ve missed, then pass it one. I’ll include it, and a credit, in the next In the Pipeline article.

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