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Developer Interview Compilation | Skeptics, Runes of Zun, and Oros

Enjoy our 3 latest interviews, without any of that extra stuff! We start with Jon Usiak covering his brainchild, Skeptics. Skeptics is a cooperative ghost hunting/proving game for 1-4 players. Next is Runes of Zun, a 2-4 player card-dueling game where you play ancient Runes to defeat your opponents. We close the interviews with Brandt Brinkerhoff from Aesc Games. Brandt recently had a very successful Kickstarter for Oros. Oros is a mixing pot of game mechanics brewed into a beautiful amalgamation where Demigods change the planet as they see fit and instruct their followers in the wisdom of the mountain.
About the Author
Mark has be active in the tabletop game industry for more than 25 years. FLGS since 1995, Laser Biz since 2016, GTN since 2020.

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