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Dice-Slinging Mimic Premieres On Kickstarter

No matter what TTRPG system you use (or switch to, in light of recent events), you’re probably gonna need dice. And if you’re a shameless hoarder like me, you’re going to need lots of dice.

And to help us out, we’ve got a saucy mimic with the best Kickstarter video of all time.

Dude, look at all those dice....
DISCLAIMER: My taste in Kickstarter videos are kinda weird.

A rather new company set up in Texas, Mimic Dice (as far as I can tell) mostly made its rounds at conventions before launching on kickstarter. They hand produce their products within the USA, their main selling point being that their polygonal fate-deciders are similar to their competitors, albeit with smaller price tags.

Oh, and they come in really cool tuck boxes.

Guys, the marketing side of my brain is totally freaking out right now.
The marketing side of my brain is totally freaking out right now.

The Kickstarter itself already decimated their goal, but with twenty-eight days to go, you can still snag yourself some dice. (Disgusting consumerist I am, I naturally already pledged.) In addition to numerous kinds of dice, you can also snag yourself some add-ons like socks, shirts, and a rolling tray.

Comparing the prices online, this mimic-run company does generally appear to keep its promise on selling it’s products on the cheaper side.

Joke’s on you. The rubber duck is also a mimic.

Or you could just swing by to watch the awesome video.

Because again, it’s awesome.

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