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Dicelings For You & Me!

Some of the first merchandise for the new Dungeons and Dragons movie has come out and it’s a bit on the silly side. Whether that’s good or bad for the movie we can’t say. We’ll have to wait and see, but until then Hasbro has given us all some fidget toys to pass the time.

Dicemon: Dice Monsters!

Hasbro has taken an interesting turn after creating the Wizards of the Coast division. Things like the Secret Lair drop “Li’l’er Walkers” which is exclusively available through the Hasbro Pulse site as we mentioned in a previous post of ours, A “Secret” Secret Lair! Now that they have the new Dungeons and Dragons movie coming up they’re obviously wanting to build some buzz for what many are hoping will be the first movie that will bring the stories and world of D&D to the big screen (at least the first to do so in an impactful way). Part of that marketing is an unusual, but not unwelcome new line of toys reminiscent of the “Transformers” toys that have always been popular from Hasbro.

“D&D Monsters- Roll Out!”

Optimus Prime impressions aside, the new toys are in the same shape as every dice goblins favorite rollables, a D20. However, Hasbro in their wisdom has brought you no ordinary dice. These dice are Monsters in disguise! Yes another Transformers reference, can you blame me? These dice really do transform into various popular Dungeons and Dragons monsters.There are presently four variations, as follows: White Owlbear, Beholder, Rakor the Black Dragon, Themberchaud the Red Dragon. According to the Pulse site, three of the four creatures were chosen as they will be appearing in the “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” movie. Notably, the Beholder does not have the same categorization. It is only described as being “one of many of the monsters that populate the realms of Dungeons & Dragons.” Some might read that as Hasbro leaving the door open for the possibility of other additions to this particular product line, even without a direct connection to the movie. 

Diceling Statblock

Whether you’re after the Beholder or Rakor you’ve just got to head over to the Hasbro Pulse site to place your pre-order. They’re set to be released March 1st of 2023 and each will only set you back $13.99. They do make the usual disclaimer that the ship date could change without notice and with payment not being collected until ready to ship you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the funds set aside for whatever Dicelings you order. Though it should go without saying, they do also clarify that these toys aren’t actually balanced D20s and shouldn’t be used for tabletop gaming.

Personally, I’m grabbing one of those Themberchaud’s and definitely keeping an eye out for any other Dicelings they may release down the line. I’m hoping for a Mimic or Displacer Beast myself. Let us know which Diceling you’ll be picking up or what monster they could come out with that might sway you into getting one. 

Til Next Time!

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Living in a small town in Arkansas most of his life, he has only had access to TTRPGs, Magic, and the wider “nerdier” world since 2017. He’s run and played D&D, built commander decks, and is always looking for as many fun things his socially awkward heart can handle.

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