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Dragonbane Bestiary Announced

Now available for pre-order, Free League Publishing has announced a new supplement for Dragonbane in the form of the Dragonbane Bestiary. Pre-order of a hardback version will get you immediate access to a PDF version.

Dragonbane Bestiary

There’s also a Collector’s Edition with a gold foil print, imitation leather cover.

Dragonbane Bestiary: Collector's Edition

The Bestiary includes details for 63 creatures, contains new art, and includes a random encounter and adventure seed. It also provides nine new playable kin with unique abilities.

Free League is also releasing a complete set of cardboard standees for the creatures in the Bestiary.

Finally, Free League has announced a hardback version of the core Dragonbane rulebook, which will also come in a standard edition and a special Collector’s Edition. The Rulebook contents are the same as in the original softcover edition, but will also contain a new introductory adventure called “The Castle of the Robber Knight.” This book is also available now for pre-order.

Dragonbane Hardback
Dragonbane Collector's Edition

Preview images of the art and Bestiary book pages follow below.

Cat People
Frog People
Bat Person
Brook Horse

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