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Dragonbane Tabletop RPG Released Digitally

Free League Publishing released digital copies of its new fantasy RPG, Dragonbane, today. Dragonbane is a relaunch of Sweden’s beloved game, Drakar och Demoner. Originally launched in 1982, it was Sweden’s first tabletop RPG and one which is still a cornerstone of Nordic gaming culture.

The new edition of the game is available now in PDF form at DriveThruRPG. You can also pre-order Dragonbane products directly from Free League, and they will provide immediate access to the DriveThruRPG PDF product.

The Kickstarter campaign for the release was highly successful, reaching its funding in a mere four minutes, and hitting 22 stretch goals.

Dragonbane’s setting is a land marked by an ongoing struggle between dragons and demons (hence the Swedish name, Drakar och Demoner, which means Dragons and Demons). Dragonbane encourages light-heartedness in role play style but is also intended to be a very challenging game. Free League refers to this dynamic as “mirth and mayhem.”

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