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Dungeons & Dragons Print Book Prices Increase

Citing rising costs in goods and shipping, D&D Community Update announced a coming increase in the price of print book products. They say this will begin with Bigby Presents: Glory Of The Giants and all new releases after. They clarify that digital prices, however, will not increase.

The new price for Bigby will be $69.95 for a digital/print bundle, up from the $49.95 price for most current D&D print books. They are offering a pre-order discount for Bigby, at $59.95 (the current price for such bundles) until it actually goes into print.

D&D has released no specific information about non-bundle print increases, but if it follows the bundle, it’ll be about 17% higher, so new print books (currently usually $49.95) will perhaps cost around $59.

There’s no question that supply chains have been hard hit in the past few years and it’s entirely believable that printing and distribution costs have gone up significantly. It’s also true that D&D book prices haven’t increased much in about nine years. Yet some are questioning why prices are being raised now when D&D product profitability is looking better than it has in a long time. Not to mention the increase comes before a major release of revised core books for next year.

Read the original announcement here.

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