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Dusk Till Dawn returns Prism to FaB!

Legend Story Studios made big waves this past weekend when they announced the next FaB set, Dusk Till Dawn. The announcement of the new set, along with the dramatic reveal of a gorgeous sculpture by Weta Workshop, kicked off the Pro Tour Baltimore festivities with a bang. Needless to say, excitement hummed through the crowd when James White broke the news that we will be getting the second part of the story trilogy that began with Monarch.

The Big 1-0

FaB hits a major milestone with Dusk Till Dawn. This will be the game’s tenth card set. To mark the occasion, LSS is adding an exciting new feature for collectors: serialized copies of iconic heroes Prism, Sculptor of Arclight and Change, Bound By Shadow. The serialized cards are cold foil, and have hand-drawn artist sketches of the heroes. Only ten of each card exist. According to the reveal, these incredible chase cards will only be found in NA, Europe, and Brazil boosters.

The Queen Has Returned

Prism, Advent of Thrones reunites the light illusionist with classic FaB artist Livia Prima. Already beloved by FaB players for her original treatment of Prism, Livia’s latest art has jaws dropping. This new take on a favorite hero is sure to become iconic in the annals of FaB art.

Advent of Thrones is the new young hero iteration of Prism. Her adult form, Prism, Awakener of Sol, has yet to be revealed.

A special cold foil treatment of Prism, Advent of Thrones will be exclusively available at prerelease events in July. Be sure to check them out at your LGS!

Where there is light, there is shadow

The main conflict of the Monarch storyline is a battle between the forces of Light and Shadow. Unfortunately, Chane fans will have to wait a little while longer for a new version of the shadow runeblade hero. Instead, Dusk Till Dawn introduces another servant of the Demonastery: Vynnset.

Federico Musetti brings us a new shadow hero that is at once beautiful and horrifying to behold. Blindfolded and pierced by silvery spikes, Vynnset is everything I’ve come to expect from shadow in FaB. There’s brutality to her, but also grace, and I am just itching to read the Dusk Till Dawn story to find out more about her.

There hasn’t been any word on possible prerelease or other promos featuring Vynnset, but I can’t wait to see this art in cold foil.

Hope for Levia?

Monarch introduced my favorite FaB hero: Levia. Sadly, she underperforms the rest of the pack by a significant margin. Where adult Prism and Chane have both been in Living Legend status for some time, my beloved shadow brute has a measly 20 points to her name. LSS gave rangers and assassins some much-needed support in Outsiders. Dare I hope that with a return to light and shadow, Levia will see a similar boost? I want to believe, I do, but there’s a major difference between Outsiders and Dusk Till Dawn. Outsiders is a draftable set. Dusk Till Dawn is not. Because of that, the balance requirements for Dusk Till Dawn are very different than Outsiders. Of course… a person can still dream. While fans at Pro Tour Baltimore tried, LSS was tight-lipped about what sorts of buffs, if any, we can expect for brutes in Dusk Till Dawn.

Dusk Till Dawn save-the-date

Official Dusk Till Dawn spoilers start on June 30, and will come from across the spectrum of FaB content creators. Official release is July 14, 2023. Possibly the most exciting date to look out for, though, is prerelease: July 7-9. Not only will prerelease bring special promo items, but a chance to draft the original Monarch set in an organized event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, very few people got to enjoy the full Monarch experience at their local game stores. LSS is out to change that, by making Monarch the feature draft set for prerelease weekend. Dusk Till Dawn prerelease kits come with prize support for 4 pods of 8 players and include rainbow foil full-art cards as well as the cold foil Prism and Vynnset cards. Check in with your LGS to make sure they’re hosting, because those prizes are too cool to pass up!

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