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Evil Genius Games Suing Netflix Over Rebel Moon RPG

Evil Genius games, publishers of licensed RPG games such as The Crow, Escape from New York, Pacific Rim, and Rambo, is suing Netflix for breach of contract over a tie-in tabletop RPG for the upcoming Netflix film, Rebel Moon.

According to Evil Genius, the game is complete and ready to release, but Netflix canceled the contract for it and declared extensive material developed by Evil Genius for the game is now Netflix’s intellectual property. This includes an extensive “world bible” created by the Evil Genius team which expands the setting far beyond the movie script.

Netflix also refuses to compensate Evil Genius for the contracted work they’ve done.

Evil Genius says that Netflix’s reason for the cancellation was over a breach of confidentiality. This may have been at the GAMA trade show where a presentation was done, and might also have to do with the accidental release of teaser cover images in May.

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