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FaB Outsiders: First Look

Outsiders prerelease season doesn’t start until March 4. Fortunately for us, Legend Story has already dropped some tasty teasers and tidbits about what’s to come in Flesh and Blood’s upcoming draftable set.

New (and returning) Heroes

For a draftable set it’s always important to know what archetypes and heroes are available. After all, you can’t build a deck if you have all runeblade cards, a bow, and a brute hero! Outsiders brings us two rangers, two ninjas, and two assassins. Definitely a set for people who enjoy stabbing and shooting in bursts.

Azalea, Ace in the Hole makes a return in Outsiders alongside the new hero Riptide, Lurker of the Deep as our rangers. Poor Azalea has zero Living Legend points yet, so hopefully Outsiders spoilers will show off some secret sauce to give her a boost. We don’t know too much about Riptide yet, but his art has a twisted sort of drowned pirate feel to it. One thing we do know, thanks to some early spoilers at the Indianapolis SCGCon, is that Rangers are getting an entirely new slot: the quiver.

Our ninjas in Outsiders are Katsu, the Wanderer and Benji, the Piercing Wind. Both are reprints, and currently about middle of the pack for Living Legend points. Maybe we’ll see some interesting goodies for them as well.

Rounding out our new hero roundup are Usuri, Switchblade and Arakni, Solitary Confinement. We last saw Arakni in Dynasty as Arakni, Huntsman. Solitary Confinement is a young version of him, and the art is more than a little unsettling. Usuri is an all new heroine, and the star of the Outsiders storyline. She has both a young and adult version, but like everything else with Outsiders, we will have to wait until next month for the juicy details.

New Token Effects

From what we know of the lore, there are three deadly diseases going around the Pits, the setting of Outsiders. The earliest leaks/spoilers included the tokens for these effects, including their text and effects. You create one of these tokens on an opponent’s control under a variety of circumstances. There is no indication that the effects cannot be stacked.

Multiple pox tokens = big bonus damage
Not great, but an upside!
No arsenal cards for you.

Hybrid Ability Cards

Outsiders introduces hybrid cards in Outsiders. That is, cards that can be used by multiple classes. Some of the early leaks/spoilers are Assassin/Ranger actions, and you can be sure other combinations will be present as well. LSS says this change is engineered to improve the draft experience, which definitely seems to be the case. Multiple classes being able to use abilities makes the drafting experience a lot more flexible and opens up a lot more opportunities for counter-drafting. LSS also announced that the three most iconic hybrid cards are receiving a special “Marvel” art treatment.


I’m still new to Flesh and Blood, so I’m not 100% sure what to be most excited about going into Outsiders spoiler season. My solution, at least, is that I’m going to be excited about EVERYTHING. I’d love to hear from some veteran players about what I should be looking at and paying attention to the most as cards from this new set are revealed. Post your comments below or drop me an @ on Twitter and clue a newbie in!

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