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Final Fantasy XIV Tabletop Role Playing Game Announced

Square Enix, the publishers of the Final Fantasy videogames series, has announced an upcoming tabletop role-playing game based on Final Fantasy XIV Online. Strangely, the official name of the tabletop game is Final Fantasy XIV Online TTRPG, though it will not have an online component, but will be a traditional pen-and-paper game, from all appearances.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG starter set contents

The starter set will include:

  • Player book
  • Gamemaster book
  • Pre-gen character sheets
  • Rules summary
  • Strategy guide
  • Dice
    • 6 d20
    • 10 d6
  • Encounter map
  • Character tokens
  • Ability Markers

There’s no word yet on what the game system might be like, but we’ll likely hear more as this gets closer to release.

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