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Final Reveals For Cities Of Sigmar

Games Workshop has revealed the final new models for its upcoming Cities Of Sigmar release, for its Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar game.

Pontifex Zenestra

Pontifex Zenestra
Pontifex Zenestra details

One of the new models will be Pontifex Zenestra, Matriarch Of The Great Wheel. She leads one of the Cults Unberogen, worshipping Sigmar as the God-King.

Ironweld Great Cannon

Ironweld Great Cannon
Ironweld Great Cannon details

The Ironweld Great Cannon is a huge artillery engine with fast reloading and heavy firepower.

Freeguild Command Corps

Freeguild Command Core 1
Freeguild Command Core 2
Freeguild Command Core 3

The Freeguild Marshalls are strategists and combat experts, who come along with their battlefield aides.

Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal

Freeguild Cavalier Marshal
Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal detail

Battletome: Cities Of Sigmar

Battletome: Cities Of Sigmar

Finally, the new Cities Of Sigmar battletome will be out soon.

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