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First Balance Dataslate for Warhammer 40,000’s Tenth Edition Released

Games Workshop (GW) has released the first Balance Dataslate for Warhammer 40,000. These Dataslates adjust game rules to try to keep the game balanced among the different factions available for play.

Also available now is a new Munitorum Field Manual, with updated unit point costs, and a new Rules Commentary document.

To take in all of the many changes you’ll need to read the Dataslate for yourself, but we’ll go over the major ones here.

Perhaps the most noteworthy change is to the Devastating Wounds rule. It no longer causes mortal wounds, but instead bypasses armor and invulnerable saves.

Stratagems have been adjusted, particularly where they offer discounts and reuse. For Overwatch, you now must have line of sight to the target, and units with the Titanic keyword cannot use Overwatch at all.

Another change is to Towering units. Other units can now hide from their view when behind Ruins (unless a Towering unit is next to the Ruins).

There are also changes to faction Army and Detachment rules and abilities. Genestealer Cults now must always make a dice roll to come back, including Battleline units. For Imperial Knights, only Armiger squires can now benefit from Bondsman abilities.

The Death Guard faction now has a new aura ability that can adapt to an opponent. Leagues of Votann get a boost to their Judgement tokens, and the Adeptus Mechanicus have improved armor on Skitarii footsoldiers.

Some units have had their numbers capped, including some Adeptus Custodes and Space Marine Desolation Squads.

You can download the new documents at these links:

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