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First Warmachine Victory Miniature Revealed

Privateer Press is releasing their first ever Warmachine Victory Miniature. The miniature is sculpted in honor of the annual World Team Championship winners, who get to choose which existing sculpt will get a special, alternate treatment.

Privateer says the winners are to make suggestions for their chosen character which reflects their home country. Last year an Australian team called the Frilled Neck Lizards won, and requested Orgoth as the character.

The team said, “We wanted to capture iconic Australian characters whilst giving cheeky nods to our team’s history. We liked mixing the Mad Max vibe we felt Orgoth captured best with the Australian bushranger Ned Kelly’s iconic helmet. We added nods to our team and our Factions: the giant frilled-necked lizard banner (our team Mascot), the Gremlin following the big reaver around, and the Deathjack skull. And of course, to avenge the final loss in 2015, we asked that our Reaver hold aloft Megalith’s severed head! It was fun getting to see our ideas come to life. The concept art by Matthew Manghi made us unbelievably stoked.”

The Frilled Necked Lizards Reaver Standard model can be pre-ordered now. Those who order the model and attend WTC this year will be able to collect the model there, avoiding shipping charges in the process.

You can pre-order the miniature here, but Privateer advises that be the only item in your order. Other items will not be able to be picked up at WTC.

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