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Five Zine Quests You Should Look At

Zine Quest 5 on Kickstarter has provided this site with lots of interesting content thus far. But there’s some zines out there that are too short to necessitate their own article. However, with short content comes lots of game spicing potential, so I thought that should do a little countdown of zines to maybe check out!

1.) Psychonaut: A Zine Devoted to Psionics for 5th Edition Games

But imagine if Tim Schafer made a zine, though...

No, reader. This unfortunately doesn’t have anything to do with the beloved Tim Schafer game series of the (sort of) same name. But dashed hopes aside, Psychonaut is a 5e-compatible zine that switches out magic spells for psychic powers.

Creator Scott Gable describes the psionic abilities as not cosmetic changes of preexisting magic systems, but an addition to them. This three-issue zine also offers new options such as the new (Warlock-akin) class of Archon and a playable fey race in the form of the salamander-like Efts.

The campaign, which as of writing has not reached its goal, ends on March 24.

2. ) Blessing Guide

I had to fight the urge to make this part of the article all pretty art.

A DM? Merciful and not prone to unleashing Strahd and his two pet False Hydras that spit out Beholders? (Which in turn shoot exhaustion beams.) Incidentally, Black Eagle Games thinks that such DMs exist, and have granted us the Blessing Guide zine.

In this first publication of the group, this guide contains 68 boons- via sources both, divine, infernal, and fey- that players can utilize multiple times. Accompanied by achingly-beautiful art.

The campaign has reached four times its goal, but it’s looming conclusion on March 6 doesn’t inspire confidence that it would meet its $1000 stretch goal of 3-4 pages worth of curses to inflict on players. But then again, this might be a boon in itself, given that there are DMs that are one bad choice away from making the sun a mimic.

3. ) Communal Casting 5e

Incidentally, Gate Publishing shares such confidence in their fellow D&D-playing man. This time assuming that the players might want to work together. (Well, outside of disarming traps via throwing their smaller comrades into pressure plates. Or starting a Goliath family feud while imitating a teammate.)

Potentially adding to the fire of general chaos, Communal Casting 5e gives players a new mechanical option. Namely, pooling powers to not even cast even stronger powers, but also reap benefits and share spell slots.

So if you ever wanted make your whole party invisible in the name of raiding a noble’s wine cellar, you have until March 8 to back the campaign.

4. ) The Trapper

It's right behind- actually, no, EVERYWHERE.

D&D is no stranger to iconic monsters, who often take center stage in battle stories. (Or at least the ones that you try to tell your confused coworkers when they ask how your weekend went.) And one such addition to D&D‘s incredible bestiary is the titular Trapper.

This zine introduces this beast as a person how was infected by a forest parasite. As the infection spreads, this person hardens into a bark-covered tree monster driven only by primal urges.

Serious slasher monster vibes aside, The Trapper itself is system agnostic. Meaning that even Pathfinders can be chased by floral abominations as well.

You only have until March 23 to catch the Trapper.

5. ) The Silence

A Quiet Place: the Zine

Can’t have a list like this without a zine dedicated to a one-shot. And you can’t have an article written by me that doesn’t have some sort of horrific element to it. So, how about I shut the heck up and start (not) talking to you about The Silence?

This adventure takes your players to Echoes End, where people refuse to make any sort of sound whatsoever. Also where a guy named Malachai took part in everyone’s favorite hobby– messing with the planes of existence. Obviously, it went wrong, and Malachai’s inability to distinguish reality from delusion left the area all sorts of messed up.

Until your party shows up, assuming you’ve backed this eerie misadventure by March 13.

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