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Forever DM Makes Character Creator Dice

Of course I had to find out about this after my article on DM-friendly Kickstarters…Ah well, at least the dice goblins out there will rejoice.

So, maybe you didn’t plan for your game this week. Or maybe your players strong-armed you into a shopping episode wrought with rando characters. Or perhaps you’ve just got that one guy who’s out on some sort of NPC scavenger hunt. Point is, you need NPCs, and your imagination can’t work as well when everyone at the table is staring at you.

If ever I wanted to just start chucking dice...
Actually, no. I take it back. This is worse than having them stare at your.

Thankfully, forever DM (and seriously impressive sculptor) Jared K Horton has answered the clarion call. Furthermore, he did it in the best way possible: making a custom dice set.

Being no stranger to dice-making, Horton has designed a set of dice that will help the struggling DM come up with NPCs on the spot, rolling traits such as disposition, challenge rating, class, and alignment. (And while non-binary isn’t an option on the gender dice, androgynous is. Also no, curious readers out there. It’s actually not the same thing.)

Yo, the dice I would make...Figuring out tragic character backstories.
Before you ask– no, there isn’t a dice to determine if the NPC is a mimic or not.

These dice are slightly bigger than your average set. However, not every race will be included on the d10 for this trait. (Also, the d12 for class excludes one. Probably artificer, I’m guessing.) Though, this might actually be something for Horton to expand on. Because if this campaign is successful, he promises to release more DM-friendly dice sets on Kickstarter. Which hopefully might include a set that somehow helps you name all the shopkeepers your players keep trying to identify.

Surprisingly, as of this article, the goal hasn’t been cleared all the way to the moon. However, you still have until September 26th to grab a set.

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