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Free League Updates

Free League’s had a busy October so far with releases and preorders rolling in. From indie-games to high level IPs, they’ve got great things ahead.

Into the Odd

Into the Odd cover

Bastion is the only city that matters. In its industrial age, it sits as the smoke-shrouded hub of mankind, surrounded by a world of lurking horrors and cosmic interference. The Underground spreads beneath our feet and the stars loom above.

Into the Odd Remastered released to the public on October 3rd. This rules-light, flavor heavy RPG combines industrial horror and cosmic strangeness for a unique weird fantasy experience.

The Remastered version comes in hardcover with full color restoration and expanded content. Look what’s inside;

  • Fast Character Creation – Roll an explorer in minutes, grabbing a starter package of flavourful equipment and starting your expedition.
  • Minimalist Rules – An ultralite system that keeps the game moving forward. Combat is fast and decisive, with every turn counting.
  • Strange Things – Monsters are horrific hazards, not opponents to be fought for sport. Arcana are weird artifacts that each carry a unique ability, from firing portals to attracting bones like a magnet.
  • Return to the Iron Coral – The strange expedition location from the original game has tripled in size, now sprawling over three levels. The surrounding Fallen Marsh now hides four mini-dungeons in its 24 hexes. In the North, the desperate port of Hopesend welcomes adventurous travellers looking to go further.
  • The Expanded Oddpendium – 26 pages of modules and random tables to help you flesh out the world. Roll to create weird creatures, find the best shortcut across town, and find out what happens when you “eat the stuff”.

Twilight 2000: Urban Operations on Preorder

Preorders for Twilight: 2000’s first expansion, Urban Operations, are now live at Free League. Loosely based on the original Free City of Krakow module, Urban Operations takes players from the war torn countryside to the equally dangerous city.

Among mechanics for urban explotion, close quarters combat, and countdown clocks, the Urban Operations box packs in

  • A 96-page book stuffed with new rules and gaming material.
  • 16 new Encounter Cards, for use in any town or city.
  • 10 modular battle maps for urban environments.
  • 4 modular battle maps for close quarters combat.
  • 4 scenario site battle maps, two of which for close combat quarters. 54 battle map tokens for debris, sandbags, floor level indicators, blocks and breaches.
  • A double-sided full-color city travel map for the example towns of Krakow and Karlsborg, format 558x432mm.
  • A double-sided full-color battle map for the Wawel castle in Krakow and Karlsborg Fortress, format 558x432mm.

Retail release is scheduled for early 2023, but purchases through Free League webshop grant immediate access to PDFs of the boxed set at DrivethruRPG.

Ruins of the Lost Realm Preorders

Also available for preorder with immediate PDF access is The One Ring: Ruins of the Lost Realm. You won’t wait nearly as long as Ruins of the Lost Realm scheduled release is October 25th.

Ruins of the Lost Realm is a beautifully illustrated 120-page hardcover volume. Contents:

Chapter 1: Fog Over Eriador offers a description of the regions that once were part of the kingdom of Arnor, with a focus on the city of Tharbad.

Chapter 2: A Gathering Storm provides the Loremaster with a set of narrative elements aimed at building a possible future for the land of Eriador as a whole, including the description of many looming threats, Loremaster characters and their agendas.

Chapter 3: Landmarks adds twelve sites of interest in the style of the one presented in the core volume. These locations depict both ‘historical’ sites mentioned in The Lord of the Rings™ or The Hobbit™, and others that have been created specifically for the game.

Alien: Heart of Darkness Released

Finally, ALIEN – Heart of Darkness released today, October 18th through Free League and retailers. A complete Cinematic Scenario, Heart of Darkness concludes the Draconis Strain Saga as part of an epic campaign or stand-alone game.

The Heart of Darkness boxed set contains:

●    The main Heart of Darkness scenario book
●    A double-sided map (864x558mm) of the Erebos plasma trawling space station
●    Seven pre-generated characters to choose from
●    Custom cards for secret messages and personal agendas
●    Player maps and handouts

ALIEN RPG core rulebook or ALIEN Starter Set required to play.

Browse Free League’s Ennie nominated and award winning games at their homepage or join the discussion at their forums.

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