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Games Workshop Releases Munitorum Field Manual For Tenth Edition Warhammer 40,000

It’s finally here! The Munitorum Field Manual lists point costs for units in the tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000. Now you can build an army in standard mode and play a real, balanced, tenth edition game. Along with unit costs, the manual lists point costs for all Enhancements offered by each faction’s first Detachment.

Tenth Edition Changes

The way units and points are organized has changed, in an attempt to make things a little easier. Members of a unit are no longer purchased individually, but in increments, for example sets of 5, then 10, etc., which eases the number crunching a bit, and it tends to match what’s in unit model boxes.

When it comes to weaponry things are more streamlined too. The cost of weapons and wargear are now part of the unit’s cost no matter which options you choose, so the load-out you wind up with won’t change the cost of the unit in question.

Rules Commentary

GW has also released an eighteen-page Rules Commentary (basically a FAQ by another name) going over nuances of the new rules and clarifying things.

You can download the new resources here:

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